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Asset Forfeiture Advisor - Specialist Advisor III (CARSI - El Salvador)

San Salvador, El Salvador
Asset Forfeiture Advisor – Specialist Advisor III
U.S. Embassy, San Salvador, El Salvador
MRPT Clearance (U.S. Citizens & TCNs) or RSO Clearance (LNs) (Clearance FAQs HERE)
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We are presently identifying candidates for an Asset Forfeiture Advisor – Specialist Advisor III to work with International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) in San Salvador, El Salvador on the CARSI Initiative. This opening is in response to the Government taking efforts to consolidate positions in Latin and Central America to one source.
The CARSI Initiative, one of the largest and most sophisticated multi-lateral security efforts in the world, provides funding for the USG to assist the governments of the CARSI countries with police professionalization, justice sector reform, counter narcotics efforts, border security management, crime and violence prevention, and anti-corruption efforts. This Initiative will focus on a series of Policing, Specialty, IT, and Administrative roles. Requirements and Skill Qualifications for the Asset Forfeiture Advisor – Specialist Advisor III are as follows:
  • MRPT Clearance (U.S. Citizens & TCNs) or RSO Clearance (LNs)
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field, or five (5) years related field work experience may be substituted.
  • FSI level 3/3 Spanish, level 3/3/ English
  • Twelve (12) years demonstrated professional work experience in the area of investigation of asset forfeiture, financial crimes, anti-money laundering, or counter-terrorist financing.
  • Two (2) years demonstrated professional work experience presenting training on financial investigations.
  • Two (2) years’ demonstrated experience working with Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Two (2) years’ demonstrated experience in forensic accounting.
  • Demonstrated professional work experience in financial analysis in financial crime or asset forfeiture cases.
  • Demonstrated superior organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with little to no hands on supervision and produce under tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well in a high-pressure environment.
  • Demonstrated high levels of personal initiative.
  • Demonstrated initiative, well-developed problem-solving skills, flexibility, receptivity, and creativity in dealing with problems and conflicts, as well as an ability to work on and bear responsibility for several simultaneous projects while keeping the overall program goals in perspective.
  • Demonstrated Subject Matter Expert on Asset Forfeiture and Asset Administration.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of El Salvadoran judicial system, including courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, forensics, and law schools.
  • Demonstrated experience working and/or coordinating with other relevant U.S. government agencies and host nation entities.
  • Demonstrated experience working as a justice sector advisor with non-U.S. law enforcement agencies.
  • Demonstrated experience working in international justice sector development and reform.
  • This position requires a work plan.
  • This position is located in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Travel within El Salvador and some international location is required.
  • Works most closely with the US Embassy INL/El Salvador Director, Contracting Officer (CO), and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). 
  • Maintains open, timely, and effective communication with the INL/Director.
  • Works in partnership with INL/OPDAT personnel and will work closely with OPDAT, U.S. law enforcement personnel, Embassy personnel, host government officials, the Attorney General, the Asset Forfeiture Administration National Council (CONAB), and others.
  • Keeps the INL Director, Deputy Director, INL/ES and INL/WHP Program Officers and other U.S. personnel, as appropriate, informed and briefed on all matters relating to Financial/Asset Forfeiture Advisor activities.
  • Serves as a subject matter expert on the full range of asset forfeiture assistance and administration of seized and forfeited assets issues as they relate to INL programs in El Salvador. Provides technical financial investigation and analysis expertise within the host nation office of the prosecutors and police, and for activities aimed at improving El Salvador financial investigative and analytical ability to conduct complex financial crimes. 
  • Assists INL in strengthening the institution of the host nation in their ability to combat financial crimes.
  • Assists INL to coordinate program development, implementation and reporting with other El Salvadoran entities, INL advisors, OPDAT advisors, and other contractors working for the INL program in El Salvador and as appropriate, throughout the region.
  • Supports INL in maintaining and establishing relationships between the separate agencies and units involved in this type of work and the task force members, investigators, analysts, and prosecutors.
  • Advises and mentors El Salvadoran prosecutors, financial analysts and investigators, including members of embassy supported task forces and vetted units, on how to conduct a thorough financial analysis that result in successful court prosecutions and forfeiture proceedings.
  • Works with El Salvadoran prosecutors to review asset forfeiture, money laundering, corruption, and other financial crime cases currently under investigation and evaluate what financial documents have already been requested and what must still be pending.
  • Trains El Salvadoran prosecutors on how to provide financial investigative guidance to asset forfeiture investigators working Financial Crimes cases, their role in an accusatory system of justice, and how to work in a team environment with investigators, respecting the roles assigned to each interlocutor.
  • Advises and assists the Asset Forfeiture Administration National Council and the Financial Crimes Task Force and work with the Anti-Money Laundering Units of the El Salvadoran National Police (PNC) as a senior legal advisor to the Attorney General on legislation and management issues.
  • Assists INO to advise the Attorney General and the FGR Asset Forfeiture Unit on the implementation of policies and regulations according to the new Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Law. 
  • Assists INL to coordinate and follow up investigative referrals between the FGR and CONAB and expedite investigative requests submitted by the Public Ministry currently under investigation, particularly those still in initial stages of investigation, to evaluate what work has already been completed and what must still be done in order to perfect forfeiture and judicial proceedings.
  • Provides task force members, analysts, investigators, and prosecutors advice on the work necessary to complete financial analysis and bring the asset forfeiture cases to court.
  • Recommends and provides training on seizure of assets to investigators, analysts, prosecutors, judges, and other relevant interlocutors involved in financial criminal cases in consultation with the Government of El Salvador and INL.
  • Assesses the training needs of the FGR and CONAB personnel, and proposes training options for improving the administration of assets, methods, and procedures of host nation.
  • Assists INL in recommending needed training on financial analysis to investigators, analysts, prosecutors, judges, and other relevant interlocutors.
  • Mentors the Government of El Salvador on Interagency coordination between the FGR, the Attorney General, and CONAB, focusing on working level police, investigators, analysts, and prosecutors.
  • Assists INL to assist the AG with the planning stages in preparation for international compliance evaluations.
  • Validates forensics and evidence collection, handling, storage, and courtroom presentation procedures, and advises on the use of existing technology and sharing of information.
  • Recommends appropriate technological tools useful for the work of forfeiture cases that can be sustained and maintained by the Government of El Salvador without additional assistance.
  • Assists INL to provide recommendations on appropriate technological tools useful for the work of financial investigators and analysts
  • Provides clarity on how programs are achieving bureau, mission and office goals and objectives established by key stakeholders such as the Interagency, INL, U.S. Embassy-San Salvador and GOES.
  • Provide opportunity for mid-course correction if a program is not achieving its goals.
  • Communicates the results of INL programs to justify budget requests.
  • Provides day-to-day administrative, financial, and program management information to INL for the operations of INL programs.
  • Supports the successful implementation of INL and policies with the GOES
  • Facilitates and encourages the development of innovative approaches to financial crimes.
  • Assists INL to ensure that INL Initiatives are in compliance with GOES program requirements.
  • Assists INL to assist the FGR to develop best practices to achieve successful coordination, direction, and general oversight of the seized and forfeited assets.
  • Assists INL to develop, promote, and maintain collaborative interagency relationships between the GOES institutions including law enforcement, judicial, prevention, and managers.
  • Assists INL in reviewing asset forfeiture, money laundering, and other financial crime cases currently under investigation, to evaluate what work has already been completed and what must still be done; provide advice on the work necessary to complete financial analysis and bring the remaining cases to court. 
  • Assists INL to ensure reports, statistics, return of investment and other data products are created and briefed orally and in writing appropriately in support of the efficient, effective, and timely management of information.
  • Assists INL to validate forensics and evidence collection, handling, storage, and courtroom presentation procedures and advise on the use of existing technology and sharing of information.
  • Assists INL to coordinate closely with the Financial Crimes Task Force to identify the needs of the Asset Forfeiture, Organized Crime and Money Laundering Units of the PNC and advisors to determine the possibility of fulfilling those requirements.
  • Assists INL to develop a strategic annual training plan for the Asset Forfeiture units.
  • Provides the following reports as deliverables:
    • Monthly: Provide a summary of relevant program activity, progress toward desired impacts, recommendations for advancing program and U.S. objectives, project highlights, and other relevant significant information including metrics, milestones achieved, and other relevant statistical data.  Report on scheduled upcoming meetings, trainings, and other activities, outlining dates and participants (due the second Tuesday of each month).
    • Quarterly: Quarterly Reports, including compiled monthly report quantitative data, an analysis of program trends, and an update on progress toward INL’s desired outcomes and impact goals, noting challenges, successes, future plans, and recommendations to INL.  Due within 30 days of the close of the reporting quarter.  
    • Annually: Provide the INL an End Year Summary of the last year and an estimate of progress toward reaching the three year goal of turning over responsibility to the host government, and an annual report detailing the results of each projected output, outcome, performance measurement, and impact.
*Candidates are encouraged to submit a .doc or .docx resume that explicitly addresses each of the requirements listed above.
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Equal access to programs, services and employment is available to all persons. Those applicants requiring reasonable accommodation to the application and/or interview process should notify a representative of the Recruiting Team.
This contractor and subcontractor shall abide by the requirements of 41 CFR 60-300.5(a) and 60-741.5(a). These regulations prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals on the basis of protected veteran status or disability and require affirmative action by covered prime contractors and subcontractors to employ and advance in employment qualified protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.
To comply with Federal law, ATSG Corporation participates in E-Verify.  Successful candidates must pass the E-Verify process after hire.
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